Sea container Windows

Sea container windows

Sea containers windows as we call them are just a regular vinyl or fiberglass windows inside a steel frame mad out of 3"X2" steel tubing ready to be installed on a sea container.

Now back in the good old days "Actually they were not that good" we use to build the sea container window frame ourselves, it's really not that hard to build but a little time consuming.

These days when we order the sea container windows they come already in the steel frame which is pretty cool. Some sea container windows frames comes with anti-theft steel bars already welded vertically on the outer edge of the frame and some comes without them.

Having both styles of the sea container window frames on hand at all times, with and without anti-theft steel bars keeps us ready to whatever the customer asks for. Some customers require the anti-bars and some don't.

Need to get more information or an idea about the price and availability of the sea container windows please feel free to contact us with all your questions.

sea container windows sizes

The sea container windows kit we order comes in a standard size of 3'X3' ready to be installed. but that's not your only option as we can install just about any window size you require.

If the sea container window size you require is not available at our supplier or you are in a rush and can't wait for the order to arrive we can get one from the local hardware store and build a frame for it. If for some reason the window size is not a common size we can always order the custom size window from our neighbors as they are a windows factory.

sea container windows kit

The sea container windows kit is actually the simplest kit you will ever see. It's just a standard window inside a steel frame and no hardware at all.

sea container window installation.

Installing the sea container windows is really simple

  • Remove the window from the frame.
    Just slide the window out of the frame. They are not attached
  • Line up the window frame.
    From the inside of the container line up the window frame at the desired location and height
  • Trace the window steel tubing frame.
    Using a soapstone trace the outside of the window frame
  • Cutting out the window opening.
    Using a plasma cutter or a cutting wheel on a grinder, cut out the opening.
  • Cleaning before welding.
    Grind the edges of the opening for a good weld.
  • Welding the window frame.
    Insert the window frame in the opening and weld all the way around.
  • Clean after welding.
    Wire wheel the frame inside out and seal from inside
  • Prime and paint.
    Spray primer and paint inside out
  • Installing the window.
    Insert the window inside the frame, Fasten the sides and seal inside out.

That's it. The sea container window is done. It sounds like a lot of steps but we can summarize it in. Mark , Cut, Weld and fasten.

We use the same process and framing material for installing the sea container man door, and vents.

SEA container modifications samples