Sea container man door

Sea container weld and go man door

Sea container man door modification is one of the most requested sea container mod next only to the sea container roll up door mod and in most cases our customers ask for both door types at the same time on the same sea container.

Now why installing a man door on a sea container? well we can talk about that for days, but to make it short and simple. Easy frequent access to the inside of the sea container or the storage container. Same thing goes for the sea container roll up door too.

The sea container man door frame is made of a 3"X2" steel tubing, the top frame corners were cut and welded at a 45 degree angle for smoother look. The door itself is made of steel panels over foam insert. So the man door is insulated by design.

Because these sea container man doors are made of metal, they can be painted the same color as the sea container to blind in. The standard color or the color these metal man doors come in is usually dark gray.

The steel door frame comes without any paint on it which is a good idea not to have the frame painted as these doors were meant to be welded on the steel container and not bolted on. hence the name "Weld And Go Man Door".

Need more information or an idea about the price and availability of the sea container man door please feel free to contact us with all your questions.

sea container Man door sizes

The standard size for the sea container man door is 3ft wide by 80 inches tall and that's not the only option available. You can have a 4ft wide and 80inches tall man door. And there is th taller sea container man door that is 7ft tall with either width.

If the sea container man door size you require is not available in the market our supplier can custom built just about and size required. if for any reason the door have to be wider than 4ft wide, maybe a roll up will be a better fit.

sea container Man door kit

The sea container man door kit has more part than the sea container windows kit. and take more time to install even though it looks simple to install, the kit comes with.

  • Man door assembly.
    The metal door installed in the steel frame and the steel hinges attached.
  • Man door threshold.
    Aluminum threshold sets at the bottom of the door frame.
  • Door sweep.
    Aluminum U shape track with rubber seal at the bottom to seal the gap between the door and the threshold. At the same time it's a bottom rain drip.
  • Sides and top seal.
    Another aluminum track with rubber seal at the edge to seal around the door.
  • Door knobs.
    Door knobs kits. Handle and deadbolt assemblies.
  • Top rain drip.
    Curved aluminum plates to stop water from getting inside the sea container.

sea container man door installation.

Installing the sea container man door is really simple but time consuming as there will be a lot of welding and a lot of parts need to get together.

  • Start by Lining up the man door assembly.
    From the inside of the container line up the door frame assembly at the desired location.
  • Trace around the steel door frame.
    Using a soapstone trace the outside of the man door frame
  • Cutting out the door opening.
    Using a plasma cutter or a cutting wheel on a grinder, cut out the door opening.
  • Cleaning before welding.
    Grind and clean the edges of the opening for a good weld.
  • Welding the man door frame.
    Insert the door frame in the opening and weld all the way around.
  • Clean after welding.
    Wire wheel the frame inside out and seal from inside.
  • Prime and paint.
    Spray primer and paint the man door frame.
  • Installing the door knobs.
    Now will be a good time to install the door knobs.
  • Installing the door threshold and sweep.
    The threshold get fastened to the floor and the sweep to the bottom of the door.
  • Installing the rain drip.
    This get installed at the top edge of the door frame with some screws .
  • The door seals.
    The last thing to get installed is the sides and top door seals with small screws too.

That's it. The sea container man door installation is done. It sounds like a lot of steps and it is. The only thing left will be painting the door if required and that can be done now or as soon as the weld is done and cleaned, before installing any of the aluminum parts or the seals.

If you need help installing your sea container man door or you would like to get more information please feel free to contact us and don't forget to check our sea container roll up door.

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