Sea container insulation

Sea container foam sheathing insulation

Sea container insulation!!! Why would somebody want to insulate a sea container? well it appears that there is a lot of reasons as we do insulate a lot of sea containers for a lot of customers that have different use for each container.

We'll give some examples of insulated sea containers and what they will be used for based on our customers orders in a minute.

Just about all the sea container insulation we end up doing for customers get the same treatment in framing, insulating, and overlay OSB boards.

We start by framing the inside top rails with 2"X4" wood studs. The wood will be attached to the steel rails with 5/16" steel self tapping deck screws.

The sea container decking get framed by a 1"X1" wooding studs. These can be nailed or screwed in place. If we end up nailing the 1"X1" to the floor we have to use a nailing gun as the floor wood is really hard and you just can't use a hammer to drive the nails. On the other hand if we use screws we have to drill pilot holes otherwise the screws will snap in half.

The ceiling horizontal 2"X4" wood studs get centered at 4ft center and fastened with nailing gun or screws. It's always a good idea to drill a pilot holes for the screws to prevent wood splitting.

The walls vertical 2"X4" wood studs get fastened at 4ft center too with nailing gun or screws. Again it's a good idea to drill a pilot holes if screwed in.

Now that the framing is done, the foam sheathing boards can be cut to size and inserted in between the wooden studs. They should have a tight fit and no need for fasteners.

The OSB boards get cut to perfect fit and fastened with screws to the studs to cover the foam sheathing boards. It's a good idea to start with the ceiling from the doors and work your way in.

The cargo doors get the same treatment too. Wood framing, foam sheathing and OSB overlay boards. The last thing to be done is sealing all the corners all the way around the OSB boards.

Need more information about the price and time frame of a sea container insulation please feel free to contact us with all your questions.

sea container insulation examples

Back to the question, Why insulate a sea container.

Here are a two good answers to that question. These are on site construction company lunch brake rooms that are insulated with shelving and electric lighting and outlets. The workers don't have to worry about taking their brake in the rain.
We built several of these insulated containers with man doors, roll up doors, windows and vents. whatever option the customer requires.

SEA container modifications samples