30 foot long Sea container

30 foot sea container

30ft sea container. Yes you are reading the title right. It's a thirty foot long high cube sea container that was ordered a few months ago. And surprisingly not even two weeks after the build we got more orders for a 30ft sea containers in standard height.

None of the sea containers manufacturer that we know of provide a 30 foot long steel containers, they have to be a custom order. That's why you will almost never see one available for seal at any shipping container depot.

Need to get an idea about the price and availability of the custom-built 30ft sea containers please feel free to contact us with all your questions. On the other hand if you want to know more about the 30 foot sea containers stay pot.

30 foot Sea container modification

We start the cut down to 30 foot long with a 40ft sea container and the first thing we do is removing the extra laminated flooring. Keeping in mind not to damage the flooring as some of it will have to be reinstalled.

Next we will take the time to mark where sea container need to be cut. This is by far the most important step as any mistake in the marking will render the sea container too long or too short.

After the marking has been taken care of. The door frame assembly can now be removed. The easiest way to do that will be using a plasma cutter to cut all the way around the doors frame then taking it down to ground with a forklift.

With the door frame assembly out of the way the extra ten foot section of the 40ft sea container can be cut out with cut off wheels on an electrical grinder or a plasma cutter and removed with the use of a forklift.

At this point of the cutting down the 40ft container to 30ft sea container the long agonizing grinding and cleaning will start, as all edges and surfaces have to be straight and clean for proper welding.

The extra 10ft section removed from the 40ft Sea container will be chopped into small pieces and dumped in the steel recycling bin. Some of the cross members will be saved for repairing other sea containers in the future.

30ft sea container mod finishing up

After grinding and cleaning the 30ft sea container section and the swing door frame assembly the two parts are ready to get jointed again. Using a heavy duty steel chain and a forklift the door frame get hoisted and lined up with the sea container section.

If the cutting was perfect and clean the two parts get together really easy and the door frame will set in place without much effort. We use the forks of the forklift to hold the door frame in place while double checking on the 30ft measurements.

After verifying the right length the door frame get welded all the way around. Sides, bottom, and roof. bottom rails to door frame extra steel gussets will be welded in place for extra strength and support.

Now the exterior of the new born 30 foot sea container is ready for cleaning, a wire wheel on and electrical hand held grinder will do the job.

Time to seal the roof and prime the welded area with paint primer before opening the doors to finish the inside on the container.

The removed wooding floor section is a little bit more than 10ft, so it need to be cut down to the right length and re installed in place and sealed around the edges to keep the container wind and watertight.

Couple coats of paint and the 30ft sea container is ready for use.

30ft sea container considerations.

Unlike any other sea containers, this 30ft container is unique and one of a kind. And depends on what the container is going to be used for, some issues need to be taken care of.

If you noticed in the last image of the previous section of this page the fork pockets don't lined up with the center of the 30ft sea container any more. Which means this container can't be lifted with a forklift any more as it sets.

For one customer the fork pockets issue was not a problem as the customer have no planes to move the container after it gets delivered and set up at the customers location.

For another customer the fork pockets is an issue as the customer have future planes to move the container after it gets delivered. So the old fork pockets have to get plugged and new ones have to be created in the center of this 30ft sea container.

And of course if this 30ft sea container is going to be used for storage you might want to consider installing roll up doors for easy access of large items. If the sea container need to be accessed frequently perhaps a steel man door will be the way to go.

SEA container modifications samples