20ft sea container for sale

20 foot sea container

20 foot sea containers are by far the most used general purpose sea containers in the market. They are not too big to take a lot of landscape and can be stacked if more storage space is needed.

You landed at this web page probably shopping for a 20 ft sea container, that's is really cool and we appreciate it. Our seals team will do whatever it takes to provide you with the best deals and service.

If you know exactly what you are looking for and just need to get an idea about prices and availability please feel free to contact us with all your questions. On the other hand if you want to know more about the 20 ft sea container stay pot and read on.

The most common dimensions for a 20 foot sea container are 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8.5 feet in height, and a volume of 1,360 cubic feet.

20' sea containers are built the same way as all other sea container sizes using the same material and same steel. These sea containers were design and built to handle a lot of abuse. Just think of the equipment used to load and unload these container and add to that the machines used to move them around.

The point we are trying to get to is that these sea containers can handle just about any thing you can throw at them unlike other storage options available in the market.

20ft Sea container basic options

New / One Trip: It's not easy to find a 20 foot sea container that's actually new, as the majority of these sea containers are built in china and it just does not make any sense to ship an empty container to any country that import any goods form china. For that reason the sea container do get loaded on their first trip and that's why we call them "One Trip" sea containers.

Used / Wind and watertight: These sea containers have three grades. Grade A which is as close as can be to a one trip container. And grade B which is a wind and watertight and a perfect solution for long term storage. Then we have grade C which is still a usable wind and watertight but have a some rust and not an appealing look.

20ft sea container factory options

20 foot sea container comes from the factories with several options that we don't see on other sea container sizes like the 40ft Sea container. And the majority of customers looking to buy or lease a sea container don't really know that these options do exist.

20 foot sea container options.

  • Standard height and high cube.
    The standard height is 8.5Ft and the high cube is 9.5ft
  • Cargo doors at both ends.
    Two sets of cargo doors one at each end for easy load and unload.
  • Open side or single side door.
    In top of a single cargo door at one end or both ends you can have another cargo door in the side center or a complete side opening using bi-fold doors.
  • Open top.
    The top of the container can be completely open. Steel top or Fabric top
  • Easy open door handles.
    This might not sound like too much or an option. But these extra long handles prove that they work really will. Truly making the opening and closing of a sea container much easier.
  • Combination of these options.
    On some 20ft sea containers we do see several of these options by default.

20ft sea container considerations.

Now while you are shopping for a 20ft sea container there are some things that you might want to take in considerations. The reason we are mentioning this is from experience.

So we get a customer that's looking to purchase a 20 foot sea container. We provide exactly what they are looking for. The container get delivered to the customers location and in no time we get the call that the container is building a lot of condensation for example and that's effecting whatever they are storing inside it.

The solution for such an issue is really simple and not costly too. Installing a couple of louvered vents to get the air circulating inside the container. The problem is the container is not at our location anymore and the container is already in use.

Same thing goes for just about any other small modifications like a man door, a roll-up door, windows, vents or even a solar lighting system. These small sea container modifications can be done quickly at our location.

SEA container modifications samples